When 2020 began, our team was focused on identifying new markets and new customers in need of technology solutions that leveraged our core capabilities. But, COVID-19 changed everything for all of us. New customers were going to be difficult to find and the world had much more pressing issues. As it became clear that no silver bullet solutions were going to emerge, the Santira team repurposed our resources to focus on developing an App and a WebApp that could help everyone--by getting people back to work and back in community.


The goal: put our capabilities and culture to work creating safe spaces for trusted interactions through a technology centered risk mitigation tool (digital symptom capture) on an international stage...an app for everyone, everywhere.

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  • Reducing the spread would require individual and community action focused on both risk reduction and risk monitoring

  • Policies, recommendations, and requirements are constantly shifting and locally-driven

  • Support for GPS-based contact tracing was minuscule

  • Widespread testing and vaccinations were likely to be a long way off  


  • Digitize the mostly paper-based screening forms which were gaining adoption

  • Design a way to have people screen from home or on-site (in a trusted and secure way) to avoid queues and unnecessary risk

  • Leverage anonymous data to develop site and geography specific risk ratings (i.e. tracing without the GPS)

  • Implement the solution via a mobile App and web interfaces

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Securely capture information you need to authorize entry to your site.

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Select from screener templates created and provided by various authorities, or develop your own.


Expedite the arrival/entry process using visitor and time-specific codes linked to mobile devices.

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Track compliance, act on any identified risks, and preserve documentation for regulatory or insurance reasons.

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Ultimately, like many companies in 2020, our lofty goal of getting a solution implemented on an international stage was not achieved. We developed both a mobile and web-based application that was put in the hands of pilot customers. The experience has provided us with great learnings and a core piece of technology which will be leveraged in our future products. If you are interested in using our pilot product, please contact us using the links below.